33 good reasons...

  1. self-sealing foil gasket
  2. 100 % waterproof
  3. For self-installation
  4. easy, quick and clean to dismantle
  5. low costs - even financing possible
  6. proven product - on the market for over 10 years
  7. ideal for tenants
  8. top for floor laying
  9. abrasion-resistant
  10. quick, clean, easy and quiet installation
  11. the bathroom can still be used during renovation, great advantage, e.g. if you didn't finish on the first day.
  12. Antistatic
  13. Phthalate-free (free of dangerous softeners)
  14. Installation service can also be booked through our nationwide craftsmen's network
  15. Easy to care for, hygienic & easy to clean
  16. Lightning-fast improvement of lifestyle in the bathroom
  17. suitable for underfloor heating
  18. rated "very good" by trade magazines.
  19. Made in Germany
  20. home delivery
  21. warm to the feet
  22. very popular with hotels, restaurants, real estate services, landlords of holiday flats, housing associations and housing societies
  23. large variety of decors
  24. suitable for wall and floor installation
  25. for all residential and business premises
  26. impact sound and heat insulating
  27. over 10,000 customers
  28. high utility value for landlords due to higher rental income and faster lettings
  29. many installation videos and tutorials on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook
  30. can be laid on many substrates (tiles, laminate, linoleum, plasterboard, concrete, plaster, OSB board, etc.)
  31. Long durability up to 20 years
  32. Extra sealing strip for pipe cuts included in every package
  33. Fire retardant
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