Easiest laying of tiles in a bathroom with fliesana 

With the self-adhesive boards from fliesana, old tiles can be modernized qualitatively and cost-effectively yourself. Thanks to their patented foil seal, our floorboard and tile decors are an optimal and, above all, waterproof solution for quick renovations.
The 2-3 mm thick insulating layer even lets your new bathroom warm up comfortably faster and thus also saves heating costs compared to uninsulated, conventional tiles. Knocking off tiles is a thing of the past - how about a change of scenery in your bathroom?

Tenants can finally enjoy new bathroom tiles!

With Fliesana everything stays intact, so that a new bathroom outfit can be created quickly and inexpensively in rented properties and the original condition can be restored. The bathroom can still be used on the same day - no drying times, no building rubble and no stress! Tenants can finally create a modern and cozy look themselves in a short time.

Please take a look at the post about our super tile that was broadcast on MDR EINFACH GENIAL!

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