Are you a craftsman or do general installation work and would you like to install fliesana for your customers in the future? Working with fliesana has many advantages for you as a service provider.

The advantages at a glance:

  • simple and quick renovation work in the bathroom and kitchen

  • easy to process high quality materials

  • Admission to the network of fliesana craftsmen

  • Permanently reduced prices on the entire range

  • Possibility of adding tenants to your customer base

  • high quality sample catalog at cost price


By registering as a craftsman or laying company who works with fliesana, we grant you a permanent discount of 20% on our range so that you can offer and lay the tiles at a special price for your customers. You can also specify a postcode area with a radius in which you would like to offer your services to our customers. This makes it possible to refer our customers to you through recommendations.


If we have piqued your interest and you, as a craftsman, would like to work with fliesana, please contact our service at . There you will find further information on registration as well as all the necessary forms. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation!

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