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Save money and time with Fliesana vinyl tiles

Anbringung von FliesanaYour bathroom renovation is coming up. Your old design has been tiring for a while or you attach importance to the hygienic aspect. For the sake of your health, since mold incessantly spreads in the tile joints.

Now you need to decide. Fliesana tiles and their installation are up to five times cheaper than the conventional processing of ceramic tiles.

How does it work, you are probably wondering at this point, and we will explain it to you.

Fliesana vinyl tiles can be applied to the old surfaces without much preparation. After the base surface is cleaned of dirt or mold residues and disinfected, self-welding Fliesana simply put on. Butt to butt, their bathroom very quickly takes on its new shape. Depending on the size of the bathroom, the restoration can be completed in just one or two days.

Now let's put the services of a conventional bathroom renovation in perspective.

The old bathroom tiles must be knocked off. This usually takes several days already, for which you bear the cost of labor. Apart from dirt and grime that spreads throughout the apartment or house, and the fact that you can hardly use your bathroom, or not at all. In addition, you run the risk of new mold nests forming again after a very short time.

Next, the base surface is made level. Finally, the tile adhesive is applied to be able to apply the tiles.

This entire process, up to the actual bonding, saves you and thus a lot of money and time for labor and additional materials, such as glue and filler material. Which adds up to a chunk of money. In addition, there is still the risk of mold growth, which can quickly tarnish the new design and cause massive damage to your health.

With an investment in the pollutant-free Fliesana vinyl tiles, you not only gain more time and quality of life for yourself, but you can immediately put the money saved into another project. Maybe a small trip or something else. Your new bathroom gives mold hardly any chance to spread. A real win/win situation for you and your loved ones.




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