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Every fifth bathroom has mold.

Grout moldThe Federal Environment Agency also warns of the dangers of mold in apartments in its latest health report. Respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergies are the result.

Many people ignore the dangers, one in five is completely unaware of them. Bathrooms are particularly affected. Mold often settles there and becomes a permanent guest. In addition to cracks in the masonry, the joints between the tiles are where the mold spores find their cozy home. If the rooms and especially the bathroom are insufficiently ventilated, the small spores multiply rapidly.

The problem can quickly worsen with windowless indoor bathrooms. All of a sudden, those affected have a headache or difficulty breathing. Refurbishments for thermal insulation also reinforce this effect through additional insulation of the house. The mold starts to spread. It often starts with the silicone joints in the bathroom .. The mold spores then slowly feel their way forward and at the end of this process are found everywhere in the apartment: on the carpets, wallpaper, on paints and varnishes, on the furniture, on the ceilings and even on plastics or paper.

In most cases, our body reacts directly to contact with the dangerous spores without us noticing. If the contact takes place frequently or constantly, a chain of reactions sets in: runny nose or constant cold, sneezing, red eyes, skin rash and allergies, cough, shortness of breath, irritation of almost all mucous membranes, headache and constant fatigue.

Fliesana adhesive tile brings hygiene into the houseImmunocompromised people are particularly at risk. Infections throughout the body can be a result of mold growth. It does not matter whether the spores are living or dead. The mold leaves a genetic trace in the air we breathe, which we humans absorb and which should be acted upon quickly or preventive measures taken.

After the mold has been fought in the bathroom or kitchen, for example, you can attach the vinyl tiles directly. Our Fliesana are self-amalgamating and 100 percent waterproof and joint-free. In addition, a new design ensures a fresh and healthy atmosphere in the house. You benefit from a healthy, feel-good atmosphere and give the mold no chance to spread.

The quick assembly of the Fliesana also saves time and labor costs. Secure the extensive advantages of Fliesana vinyl tiles and find out more about our product range.

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